Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Second Day in Dublin

(This post is part of a series of posts from our trip to England and Ireland.  The series starts here and the Irish part starts here)

Our second day in Dublin dawned to find us in a viking-themed hostel near the river.  Not a bad way to start the day.

We started early as we had some serious work to do.  We needed to see the Jameson Distillery, rent a car, and get started on our Irish road trip.  First step: Whisky.

Yes, please

A very old bench
The distillery does daily tours that are pricey but not crazy.  As one would expect and require, the end Jameson is poured for tasting at the end of the tour.

Pretty nice looking bar at the main entrance

That's a lot of spirit!
Awesome barrels, mostly imported from Spain


After a proper "breakfast" at Jameson, we met up with Heather and Chris who had been waiting for us at a church-turned-restaurant.  We got out our maps (actual paper maps for once as we had no cell coverage in Ireland to use the digital sort) and plotted our plan of attack for the next three days.  Once we had all of that sorted we hiked over to a rental location to find it closed and then cabbed over to another to get a car.

We piled our stuff in the trunk and headed south out of Dublin.

Near Killiney Hill Park
We stopped by Killiney Hill Park to enjoy a view of the Irish Sea before heading southwest into the Wicklow Pass.  The first step on that route was the Powerscourt Waterfall, which I believe is the largest in Ireland.  Ireland is a small island so most of its superlatives should be taken with a grain of salt, but the falls were pretty neat nonetheless.

Heather, Chris and Melch before the falls

From there we continued on to Glendalough, drove through the mountains and valleys and made it to Kilkenny around nightfall.  Chris had been driving up until Glendalough, so this was my first experience driving on the left.  Woo!

Cute name for a shop in Kilkenny
 Dinner was at Lohs, an Asian-themed restaurant that served Irish meat such as lamb.  Melch really liked it.  I had Irish lamb stew and salt-and-pepper squid.  Very good eats and the hostess/waitress was super-friendly.  Good times.

From there it was a two hour drive on to Cork, where we had a hostel for the night.  We got there at 1 and planned on getting up at dawn (6) for further site seeing, so it was pretty much straight to bed for us.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fun in and out of the sun

Hey there, long time no see.  Been busy.

Vadim had to head home, which meant sending him off right:

Playing munchkin at my place

Trip to Brummis

Vodka sendoff at RS

I also managed to regain my Dargan's mayorship!  Serious business, that.

I also recently went on my first solo cross-country.  The FAA says it's a "cross-country" flight if it's over 50nm.  Think cross country runner, not cross the entire country.  Anyway, my first target was the same airport that I went to with Vadim: L52 Oceano, just outside of Pismo Beach.

Back to Pismo
The second cross country followed just a week later, to Paso.

It was HOT.  Small craft don't have AC...
We do in fact have lakes in CA!

Another lake
We also visited Lauren and Doug for some sunset beer drinking at their new place off of Mission Canyon.  Nice digs!

In other news, we played frisbee on the beach,

Then went to the fish house for beer and food and art!

Then home for some SC2, where I finally made diamond!

Not pictured: my first night take-offs, my first rugby game, and who knows what else.  Good times!