Monday, April 27, 2015

Playing in the Playgrounds

We joined Emilio, Lucy and Lucy's dog bubbles on a short hike through "The Playgrounds," a collection of sandstone rocks in the Santa Ynez mountains.  It's a short fun drive in the 911 up the hill and then along the Camino Cielo ridge road and the hike has a nice view of the airport!

I had fun watching for planes but we're actually pretty far from the airport, both laterally and vertically, so it's hard to spot anything but the bigger jets.  I spotted a small plane on final once but by the time it was down on the runway I couldn't even make it out anymore, it just blended in with the pavement.

Good times were had by both people and dogs and we wrapped up with enough time for a nice lunch at Harry's before my appointment for some olympic weightlifting training at Santa Barbara Strength.

Not a bad Sunday!

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