Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hawaii - June 2 - Hanging in Kapa'a

We had stayed out late on the 1st partying with the frisbee crowd so the 2nd was probably going to be a  slower day.  Throw torrential downpours and flash flood warnings into the mix and the 2nd was definitely going to be a slow day.  We got up late and waited out the worst of the storm before venturing out for some BBQ brunch at Chicken in a Barrel.  They had slow-cooked chicken, pulled pork, and of course local grass-fed Kauai beef burgers!

After the exertion of eating lunch, we retired to the grass hut bar by the pool at the vacation rental for some well-earned relaxations.  Our bartender was a friendly fellow who explained to us some of the finer points of the Fiji surf championship that was being contested on the television in the hut.

After a few hours of drinking and board game playing, we had a quick dinner at a Japanese restaurant that was a short walk down the road and retired to our beds.  Rough day in paradise.

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