Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hawaii - June 4 - A Walking Pooch and a Sleeping Giant

Kauai's Humane society lets visitors you "check out" a dog for a day.  That's not exactly standard practice among dog shelters, but we thought it was pretty cool.

As soon as we found out it was an option we wanted to do it, but we needed to find the right day and weather.  Once we did, we went down and picked up a canine hiking companion!

We decided to head for a relatively easy trail called the Sleeping Giant.  Easy though it may have been, there was still a bit of bouldering to do and it turned out that our trail mate was a bit skittish in such situations.

He (and we) persevered though and we did eventually make it up to the top with a view of our adopted home town of Kapa'a in the distance.  Good times were had by all.  Treats were had by some.  It was a good day.

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