Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hawaii - June 3 - Wings over Kauai

Flying around Oahu was one of the coolest things I've done as a pilot (which, as any pilot will tell you, puts it pretty high on the list of coolest things I've done ever).

Based on the strength of that adventure, we figured we'd give Kauai a try.  We found an outfit that would rent a 172 dual and gave them a call.  After a quick weight-and-balance calculation, we were in!

Nice livery!

Pre-flight with the CFI
 Kauai is less populated than Oahu, which means it's actually even greener.  Didn't seem like that would be possible, but apparently it is!  Compared to the big storms of the day before, the weather was much more conducive to flying and good views.  There was a bit of rain towards the south and some low ceilings over the Waimea Canyon, but we'd be able to see the south side of the canyon and, perhaps more importantly, good views of the northern Na Pali Coast.  We'd gone hiking there earlier in the week and it was beautiful.

Southeast side

Lihue Airport (same one we flew into commercially)

East side

Southern coast

Na Pali coast - too pretty!

A bit west of where we had gone hiking earlier in the week

Hanalei Bay

The flight went by without any issues and the views were amazing.  We even got to see a bunch of the inland waterfalls that can really only seen by air or via relatively extreme hiking trips.  Another great flying adventure.

Here's a stop-motion of the trip if you're interested:

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